The 500 mile challenge

So a while back I joined a runners forum and the support and goals of other people have been so inspirational. Others have set themselves a goal to do 1000 miles within the year. As much as I hope one day that I will be able to join them, for now I am no where near ready for that kind of challenge. I have set myself a goal to do 500 miles by 16th February 2016, with a hope that I’ll run past that!

I am currently running 5k at my longest, and doing short distances at comfortable pace. I am moving onto a 10 k program. The goal is set on my Runkeeper app and I have the luxury of running in the country for now.

The ultimate goal is eventually get to a marathon, in a few years. Having suffered from knee problems in the past, starting again from zero in the gym on a treadmill to getting back on the road, I have learnt so much and the journey is more important than crossing the finish line.

I’ll be documenting my progress on here. Any  moral support, advice will be greatly appreciated!


Start:Feburary 16th 2015
Quarter mark: June 2015 (aim of 125 miles)
Halfway mark: August 16th 2015 (aim of 250 miles)
Three quater mark: November 2015 (aim of 375 miles)
Finish: Feburary 16th 2016 (aim of 500 miles)


  • Sub 30 min 5 k
  • 10 k
  • Half marathon (maaayyybbee)

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