Working out the logistics of the 500 mile challenge

Wooow such a stressful week, zero running this week due to quarantine, only managed 7 miles the week before! Not a good start despite initially being very optimistic!

So I have never done a 500 mile challenge before although looking at my gym records for the past year it is definitely manageable and I may have hit that target if not, very very close. I have worked out that I would need to average 9 miles a week for the rest of the year. This has obviously increased due to my recent inactivity. I should be able to get out at the end of the week, feeling optimistic! I think that is the best way forward with anything in life: look on the bright side.

At the moment I am on a 5k program working up to a 10k. I am building my stamina. I figured some smaller goals to focus on rather than just hitting the ground to pound in those miles would work best. So first goal would be to go sub 30 mins in the 5k, I am ridiculously close to this one, and then the 10k. If I move onto the 10k I should easily make up those lost miles, so all is not lost at this stage.

After doing some research and posting on some forums, the general advice is to go as slow as a snail to build the stamina and then go for the speed. I have a tendency to run too fast.

I am logging my stuff on Runkeeper at the moment on my phone, just got a Salomon arm-band which I haven’t been able to use!!! The Runkeeper App seems to work well mapping my run, although it appears more sluggish than the old App. So does Spotify actually, but that has always been slow. Having the two apps running does appear to drain my battery like hell (my phone ran out of battery during my last run, I know it wasn’t on full charge but not sure how much!), so I may have to save up for a running watch but that’ll be a consideration as I up my mileage.

Does anyone know how to keep a buff up over your mouth without it falling down mid run?! Terribly annoying!


Life style changes over short-term diets

Today is rest day meaning no exercise! I love exercise but not 7 days a week, I also love to eat and watch mad men, eating the most, I’ve eaten more sausage rolls than I should today…I hope the January revolutionists/heroes are still at it with their fitness/diet goals whatever they may be!

I have to get this out: I am a big non-believer in short-term diet plans/detox juicing session the kind where you have to cut something out of your diet or just eat one thing. In my mind it’s rather simple, whatever your food habit/lifestyle was, it wasn’t working in helping you to be at your desired weight or physique. Any radical change, as is with a lot of diet plans, will get you to loose the weight.

Going off the diet isn’t the thing that is making you put back on the weight, it’s the slipping back into the bad routine that does it. Instead of going back on [insert diet plan], you need a new plan of action, one that you will stick to FOR LIFE, that you are going to like to do, there is no short cut.

In 2014 I became very depressed, for numerous reasons and factors. I gained 9 kgs unknowingly. It wasn’t until I couldn’t button my “big” jeans up, that I realised what had happened. Something had to change, and some things had changed, I was eating more than I needed, not exercising enough. I wasn’t running like I used to, knee problems put me off.

I started my work slowly but determined in the gym on the treadmill, limiting myself to 30 mins to avoid any knee pains, then RICE as a preventative measure. It worked I was getting fitter building a good base. But that wasn’t enough either; with the advice from a personal trainer I changed my diet too. Not too radically, I am constantly making changes and tweaks. It was hard at first and I have “cheat days”. I keep track of myself by using a spreadsheet writing down everything I eat and the nutrition values, and then I add them up at the end of the day. With that I am able to tell if I am eating too much of something and as a result I find myself eating more veg and getting my 5 a day!

I eat what I want in moderation. I eat full fat sausages on rare occasion; I actually prefer the low fat kind after a year of eating them. It is a trade off; I don’t see what’s so bad about it.