Running with the Salomon media armband. First run of spring.

Back to running now. Sunday was my first day out with the armband. I haven’t used any other arms bands so I wouldn’t be able to compare. What I can say was that it was much easier to run with that, than holding my phone! It felt a bit weird to have something strapped to my arm but it stayed put and was comfortable and not too constricting. I think this will be something I will get used to. The other option was to wear a belt. The plastic cover at the front lets you tap and work the phone, which was great. I still have to get used to it. And maybe position it so I can still check my progress when looking at my arm as I run quickly.

It was lovely and sunny, still in my leggings, but do not need full on winter gear anymore. I think a good way of telling what gear to wear if you don’t know is to obviously follow online and medical advice. But also to go out and take note of how well you do after you get past the one-mile mark. I tend to find that after a mile I will maintain the same level of temperature more or less if I am running at a steady pace. I always check the wind speed to see if I need another layer, especially if it is chilly! You can get a good indication on the things you might need to wear here on the runners world website.

Sunday run average around 10.23 mpm. I am getting a little bit faster and steady, learning to slow down and enjoy the run for longer.

I am still tempted to save for a run watch but do like the idea of having a phone on me when I run and there doesn’t seem to be a point of having a phone and a watch that can do the same task, with the exception of battery life!


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