Running under the stars

It’s cold, a little bit wet outside, the temperature is somewhere around zero degrees Celsius and I can hear the wind battering the house. I think of every excuse not to go out for a run. For a few days it works and then I start feeling weird, withdrawal sets in.

So I head out one evening. Throughout the first mile I’m cold, the wind cuts through my clothes and I can really feel it. I breathe out extra hard into my neck gaiter to keep my face warm. “SIGH why do I do this?!” is something that crosses my mind often in the beginning of my cold runs in the winter.

Somewhere around mile 2 my body starts to warm and I am settling into my natural stride. I stop skipping tunes on Spotify and just run with it. I look up and I remember why I run. There is just something spectacularly awesome running when the sky is covered in stars. There are not a lot of people around and hardly any cars, the world is my oyster and I can run to wherever I want. There is no pressure, I don’t have to be anywhere, do anything, I just need to run.


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